You will need to provide us with the following when you enroll your child into our care:

  • Medical records and release forms that give us permission to make medical decisions for your child in case there's an emergency and you can't be reached. (You will also need to make sure your child gets a check-up from a doctor before going into child care.)
  • Up-to-date immunizations (shots) to protect your child from things like the measles or the mumps.
  • Names and numbers of who to contact if there's an emergency. Make sure to give more than one person as an emergency contact in case they can't reach you.
  • Names and numbers of people other than you who are allowed to pick your child up from school or care. We ask to have copies of identification (like a drivers license) for the other people you've said can pick up your child (so that we know it's the right person).
  • Information on any allergies and special health conditions your child has.

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