Our mission is to enable our students to develop a foundation for a lifelong love of learning in a warm, nurturing atmosphere. Caring teachers support the healthy development of each child from six weeks to six years of age by fostering individual talents and potential.

The greatest human purpose of every generation is to nurture the children in its care. We fulfill our purpose best by fostering an environment to not only meet the developmental needs of children, but to continuously improve the quality and availability of each component that contributes to a child’s growth and development. Recognizing that children grow in both predictable and unique stages, creating a positive and caring atmosphere that allows children to build a solid sense of self-worth and confidence, providing levels of freedom and structure as appropriate, we can build well-being, social, motor, and cognitive skills from attained to recognizably higher levels.

The building blocks of a solid foundation in child development are not just theoretical or optional. Good food, healthy practices, love, a stimulating environment, and safety have been basic needs for every generation. We now know how to make a child’s resources even richer for physical, psychological, cognitive, and social growth; and the opportunities for caregivers to learn are fast expanding. It is our goal to continue on the path with the children in our care, learning and growing together in ever-improving ways.


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