Junior Kindergarten - 4 to 5 Years

In Junior Kindergarten, children expand their ability to acquire information, solve problems, and communicate with others. The students participate in engaging, age-appropriate, and challenging activities to extend their knowledge and to enrich their learning of curriculum content and concepts.

Each child in Junior Kindergarten is given a personal journal in which they are encouraged to practice writing letters and words as well as express their creativity through arts and crafts. The journal is a wonderful tool for children, parents, and teachers to observe their improvements throughout the year.

The Junior Kindergarten program is more structured than others in an effort to facilitate the children’s transition into kindergarten. The children do partake in some free play where socialization, cooperation, and problem solving skills are enhanced.

Because they are encouraged to observe, question, and experiment, the children’s learning extends beyond basic skills. Most importantly, students leave the Junior Kindergarten program excited about learning and with the skills and confidence to succeed in the next stages of their education.


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