Older Toddlers - 2 Years to 2 Years, 9 Months

Toddlers experience the world in exciting new ways as they begin walking, talking, exploring on their own, and playing together.

With Older Toddlers, we emphasize socialization and the acquisition of self-help skills, particularly potty training. While all children potty-train at their own pace, our teachers work together with parents to provide the best environment for success. In addition, toddlers practice hand washing, putting on their coats, picking up their toys, and sharing with friends.

Dramatic play activities - such as pretending, dress-up clothes, trucks and cars - are introduced. Sharing, caring and helping others are encouraged. Our language-based curriculum includes reading and telling stories, poems, finger plays, alphabet and number counting, and opportunities for children to talk about all of the things that they like to do.

The combination of an enriched learning environment and personalized care helps toddlers learn and grow with confidence, by building self-esteem to support successful learning in the years ahead


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