Preschoolers - 2 Years, 9 Months to 4 Years

Play is a key foundation for learning; perhaps this is why the children in our preschool program have so much fun. Bright classrooms and a large playground create the backdrop for a learning environment where children are engaged in exciting activities around a monthly theme.

Preschoolers gain self-confidence as they independently explore learning centers for dramatic play, block building, creative art-at-easel, science, and music. Emerging interest about writing is developed through scribbling, drawing and creating letters and words. The children build on language skills by practicing writing their names and other familiar words. Offering new materials extends thinking skills and ideas for play activities and for problem solving.

Our teachers design lesson plans for the individual needs of the children in the classroom. The class comes together each day in circle time activities dedicated to songs, finger plays, number or letter games, show and tell, and story time. This group focuses on building self-esteem and socialization skills.


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