Younger Toddlers - 18 Months to 2 Years

Toddlers experience the world in exciting new ways as they begin walking, talking, exploring on their own, and playing together.

Our Younger Toddlers’ curriculum is tailored to meet each child's growing interests. Language development is encouraged through our Music Enrichment Program, finger plays, and stories. Fine motor skills (holding a spoon or crayons, and turning pages in a book), large motor skills (jumping, running, and climbing), and cognitive skills (understanding how things work) are developed through games and activities. This includes concrete experiences (art projects, block building, short nature walks, and group games), imaginary play, individual creativity, and alone time.

Repetition and routine foster the childrens' ability to exert their independence and make choices at this age. Younger Toddlers also acquire social and self-help skills that foster independence and a basic trust of others in the group.

The combination of an enriched learning environment and personalized care helps toddlers learn and grow with confidence, by building self-esteem to support successful learning in the years ahead.


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